Small Wonder

A $2,200/month starter studio well-situated for Midtown office workers

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | February 23, 2015 - 3:59PM

In the way it's now configured, this $2,200 Murray Hill co-op studio has space for a living room area, a sleeping area and even a desk. Plus, there's a separate kitchen, which is somewhat rare in studio apartments. Granted you'll probably have to eat most of  your meals on your coffee table or your lap, but, hey, for a starter apartment, you could do a lot worse.

The price also seems fair for the neighborhood. According to StreetEasy, the average price of a studio in Murray Hill is actually $2,497 a month.

We spy a dishwasher and built-in microwave among the stainless appliances in the small kitchen. Score!

And, judging by the photo below, it looks as though the place gets a decent amount of sunlight--a real necessity when you're living in such a small space.

According to the listing, the apartment has three full closets. Maybe one could be used as an office space, freeing up a dining area?

The apartment--which is especially convenient if you work in Midtown, or need to be close to Grand Central--is in a 21-story 1960s building with a doorman, live-in super, laundry, garage, storage, bike room, and a new roof deck. Plus, it's pet-friendly. But the fact that it's a co-op means you may will probably have to pass the co-op board to move in.


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