6 building gyms that'll help you keep your fitness resolutions

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | January 9, 2015 - 1:59PM

It's only the second week of January, which means you're probably still going strong with your new workout regimen. Alas, if only you had one of these fitness centers in your building it would be so much easier to keep the resolution past February.

Mercedes House, at 550 West 54th Street, is one of those new buildings with bonkers amenities, and a pool that is essentially a club during the summer months. There are fitness classes and trainers, a basketball court and kickboxing studio, but if you're going for plain old cardio, just look at all those treadmills! There are 17 active rentals, most with no broker's fee, ranging from $2,650 to $7,110 a month.

If treadmills are too boring for you, the Aldyn, at 60 Riverside Boulevard, has a rock climbing wall, a pool and a  gym complete with rope climbing. Brings us back to junior high. Rentals start at $3,450 a month and sales at $1.325 million.

Who needs SoulCycle (and its insane prices) when you've got a spin studio downstairs? At 400 Park Avenue South, a condo building under construction between 27th and 28th, you get a spin room (and you can unwind afterward in the Jacuzzi or sauna). Five condos are currently available, asking from $1.5 million to $6.7 million.

If you're also hoping to improve your mental wellness this year, you may want to try a building with a yoga room, like 8 Spruce Street (a.k.a. New York by Gehry). It's like the Manhattan equivalent to an ashram--no trees around but buildings everywhere. There are 31 active rentals, most without broker's fees, starting at $2,990 and going all the way up to $10,495.

The gym at the Ashley, at 400 West 63rd Street, is calling out for you to hire a personal trainer. We don't even have that much stretching out space at the gym we pay for every month. Rentals in the building start at $3,975.


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