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Who's still delivering to your door? We checked with Fresh Direct, Google and more

By Virginia K. Smith | January 26, 2015 - 12:22PM

Updated at 1:30pm, 2:25pm, and 5:15pm, and Tuesday at 2:45pm: Given the dire warnings about the "historic" blizzard hitting the city tonight and tomorrow, a lot of us are prepping for a few days of winter hibernation—i.e. getting ready to order in food, laundry, etc. We contacted some of the city's most popular delivery and shipping services to see what they're planning for the next 48 hours, and we'll update throughout the day as we get more info. (In the meantime, let us know about your experiences in the comments.) Even if your delivery service of choice is up and running, keep in mind that there's a city-wide travel ban for everyone but emergency vehicles starting at 11pm tonight.

  • Fresh DirectThe online grocer has preemptively canceled all deliveries for Tuesday, and based on our staff's anecdotal experience, delivery slots are booked up through at least Thursday. Cross this one off your list.

  • InstacartThe grocery delivery app sent out an email Sunday night warning users that stores may "run out of basic items" as New Yorkers rush to stock their pantries, and that "tough road conditions will limit our delivery windows and availability starting Monday afternoon." The site sent out an email on Tuesday announcing that service resumed at 2pm, but that users should expect the city's overrun grocery stores to potentially be out of stock on their favorite items.
  • Google Shopping ExpressThe relatively new-to-New-York shipping service seems overloaded: A customer service rep tells us that, as of this morning, "it looks like we've reached our order limit in the NYC area. We're working hard to increase availability and recommend checking back."
  • FlyCleaners: The on-demand laundry pick-up and delivery site will suspend operations starting this afternoon, and is warning customers to expect current laundry deliveries to come a day behind schedule. If conditions are safe, they'll resume deliveries again tomorrow afternoon, according to their website.
  • Cleanly. Another on-demand laundry service, Cleanly's founder Tom Harari tells us that the site will be "scaling back the number of pickups we'll be doing tonight and tomorrow morning, while trying to complete all deliveries (bringing clean clothes back) outstanding." They'll make adjustments depending on how the storm progresses, and Harari notes that if you have an "extreme situation or emergency" that requires your laundry immediately, they'll find a way to get it to you.
  • Postmates: As of this morning, the company was still delivering meals around NYC, and a representative told us that they're currently planning on continuing through Tuesday. 
  • Valet Anywhere: It may be difficult to get your car delivered to your door today. The on-demand parking company told us that their daily service (where you can order a valet via an app to park your car where you are) is currently down, but monthly subscribers in Manhattan can still have someone pick up or drop off their car, as the case may be.  Plans for Tuesday are still up in the air—they're waiting to see how bad the storm gets. (But really, you should have your car safely in a garage before Tuesday, anyway.)
  • Drizly:  As of this afternoon, the booze delivery app is currently still running, though a PR rep tells us they're recommending users order as early as possible to ensure deliveries. (They also sent the above tweet this morning encouraging users to stock up on libations before the storm picks up.) They'll be sending updates on delivery status to users through the app, via email, and on their Twitter feeds, @Drizly and @DrizlyNY.
  • Minibar: Much like Drizly, Minibar—another alcohol delivery service—is  still conducting business as usual, but it'll likely get harder to place an order as the storm progresses. "We're currently up and running while our store partners are open but expecting delays and working with our partners to monitor conditions and shut down as necessary," a rep tells us. If you want that last-minute bottle of bourbon to keep you warm, order it up ASAP.
  • Parcel: The service, which schedules package deliveries at times when users are actually home, is set to keep working through the storm. "We're sure our members are just as eager as ever to get their packages hand-delivered on their schedules, in the comfort of their own homes," founder Jesse Kaplan tells us. "Barring any changes in the forecast or unforeseen road closures, we'll be operating through the blizzard!"
  • TryCaviar: A delivery service that hooks New Yorkers up with some of the city's best restaurants at a larger-than-usual delivery range, TryCaviar is still delivering—but not for much longer. A representative tells us that the site "will be closing early tonight at 8 pm and all day tomorrow until further notice to ensure our couriers' safety." So move fast, and in any case, if you're bold enough to order delivery in the midst of a blizzard, be sure you're tipping very well.


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