Small Wonder

Unfortunate staging aside, this $2,335/month Williamsburg studio has all the extras

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | January 5, 2015 - 2:59PM

We realize that at present, living in this apartment appears to involve sleeping in your kitchen (i.e. rolling out of bed and coming face-to-face with your oven or sipping a glass of wine where you'd expect to get dressed in the morning). But misguided staging aside, we think that this $2,335/month Williamsburg studio is a solid example of what single-room living can offer. 

Enlarge the kitchen with a counter (plenty of portable options exist), move the bed closer to the window, and voila! You've got a studio with two distinct "rooms."

The rental is in the Garnett, one of those chock-full-of-amenities condo buildings, with a doorman, roof deck,  gym, bike room, garage and even a pool table, located at 146 South Fourth Street. According to the building's own description, "repurposed timber takes residents away from the every-day life of New York City." Who doesn't want a bit of repurposed timber in their lives?

Plus, when you're renting a studio, it's often practical to spring for a building with a lot of extras, so you don't get claustrophobic within your four walls (which, let's face it, probably won't be able to accommodate a pool table). 

Now, back to the apartment itself. It's got modern kitchen appliances we've come to expect in high-end condos, and the bathroom looks clean and up to date, too. (We also like the storage under the sink and on those little built-in shelves.)

Plus, it's got the ever popular wall of windows. To make a studio feel less like a jail cell, light and views are essential. This place seems to have both.


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