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What New Yorkers want: Home for the holidays edition

By Mayra David  | December 19, 2014 - 3:59PM

All New Yorkers want for Christmas is ... apartment upgrades, natch. We asked five of them what they'd do at home to make the holidays merry and bright:

God rest ye merry, gentlemen ... in the guestroom: A guest bathroom, for sure. And, why not, a guest bedroom, while we’re at it! We get a lot of visitors from out of town during the year anyway, so a guest bedroom would be nice.  But during the holiday season, it seems every single weekend, some friends are in the city for the “New York experience,” whatever that means! I would say no to a visit every once in a while, but during the holidays it feels especially mean-spirited to do so. So I let people stay overnight, and I’d merrily kill for a second bathroom, so I don’t feel rushed out of using my own facilities at home. - Gina, Upper West Side

Deck the wide hallways: When we had [a party recently], we asked our guests to take their shoes off and deposit them, along with their coats, in our bedroom because, of course, there wasn’t enough space in the “coat closet” by the hall. That space has been mostly taken up by luggage and sports equipment. By the time all of our 25 guests had arrived, our bedroom looked like a bomb had gone off in it. It didn’t help that people’s young kids played among the shoes and coats. We let them; where else would they go? A decent-sized closet would have been a great help, and maybe an entryway that was large enough for people to leave their shoes by the door without creating a fire hazard. - Mikey, Bushwick

Have yourself a merry little studio: I’m in a studio, so that’s that for parties. I can’t really have people over. When I do, it’s always just one or two girlfriends. I like it well enough most days of the year, but I’d love to have a bit more space. Even just a separate bedroom, so I can have some people over and seat them on the couch, not my bed. - Bea, Midtown

The sight before Christmas: Does it count that I wish I just had a view of a snowy Central Park or Christmas-y Rockefeller Plaza? That’s really all I need to feel the spirit of the season! ... If I could have my family over for the holidays, I’d wish my apartment had about four more bedrooms, and two more bathrooms! - Lina, Park Slope

Chestnuts roasting ... in a separate kitchen: I wish I had a kitchen large enough to cook a whole holiday family-sized meal. And a separate dining room in which to serve that meal to my family. If I had a chef’s kitchen, and a graciously sized, separate dining room, my family could come visit me and have Christmas Day lunch in my home instead! I’m tired of trekking to Syracuse every year. I want to have holidays in the City! - Sean, Inwood


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