Small Wonder

An Upper West Side studio that makes clever use of a Murphy bed

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | December 8, 2014 - 2:59PM

If you're going to pay nearly half a million bucks to live in a co-op without a proper bedroom, it best have some compensating bells and whistles. Luckily, this alcove studio at 160 West End Avenue , priced at $469,000, ticks that box. 

Parquet floors and a wall of windows are two more features of the co-op

The apartment's layout goes some way to making it feel less like a studio, with a separate kitchen and an L shape that allows enough room for a full couch, according to the listing. A Murphy bed—usually a signal that a place is too small for a mattress, but in this case seemingly a conscious addition to free up more room—opens space for entertaining or other activities. 

The Murphy bed folds up, mimicking a cabinet

Plus, there's a package of amenities that would surely offset any cabin fever. Located in the 20-acre Lincoln Towers complex in the West 60s, the co-op has access to gardens, playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, a gym and storage space. There's also a 24-hour doorman and concierge, and laundry. 

A galley kitchen with a decent amount of counter space

And yet, the price may get some buyers. It's the most expensive of four studios currently on the market in the  same building—which may be explained by the fact that it's on the 29th floor and was recently renovated, per the listing. Note that the co-op board requires a 30 percent down payment, rather than the usual 20 percent, so you'd need to come up with around $140,000 cash if you pay the full asking price. 


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