A flaw in your parents' plan to pay your rent, decorating a tiny living room to sell, and more

By Virginia K. Smith  | November 14, 2014 - 10:59AM

The pitfalls of your parents footing the bill for your Brooklyn apartment (hint: you may not agree on the charms of Crown Heights) (NYO)

Just because your living room is fun-sized doesn't mean you can't decorate it well (NYT)

Renter, beware: your landlord may be one of the worst in the city, even if they're a tenant advocacy group (DNAinfo)

How's a tenant supposed to handle an out of control roach infestation, anyway? (Gothamist)

If you're looking to buy, DUMBO-adjacent Vinegar Hill is getting hotter by the minute (NYT)

Is Lena Dunham really the quintessential Native New Yorker? And how much of a "real" New Yorker are you? (Refinery 29)

For the serious, serious history buffs, take inspiration from a couple that built their own Elizabethan-style home from scratch (Daily Mail)

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