6 NYC kitchens big enough to cook a turkey (and all the fixins)

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | November 26, 2014 - 9:59AM

While we worry about how we'll make the turkey and the sides in our tiny kitchens, the chefs who get to cook in these massive kitchens can revel in a space big enough for whipping up a proper feast.

This $8 million Tribeca loft has so much storage space we'd need to buy more pots and pans just to fill the cabinets, and streamlined wood means you'd never know there was a fridge in there. Because seriously, how gauche is a recognizable fridge?

We'd love to spend the entire holiday season in the eat-in kitchen in this $4.295 million Central Park West two-bedroom co-op. That professional chef's range would really let us show off our culinary moves.

Despite the fact that this $8.75 million Upper West Side brownstone has up to six bedrooms and five bathrooms (!), it's this kitchen that clinches it for us. It's huge, and it's got top-of-the line appliances, rustic Spanish tiles, custom cabinets and an open dining area. Plus, a wall of windows looks onto a 37-foot garden. 

It's sleek, spotless kitchens like the one in this $5.49 million Upper East Side three-bedroom condo that make us feel bad about our current apartments. With all that extra room, even the glass cabinets would stay organized. 

The kitchen (complete with wine cooler) in this three-bedroom rental in the Seaport/Fulton area reminds us of an airport runway. Now, if only we could come up with $12,900 a month.


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