Hipsters "flock" to Staten Island, holiday gifts for homebodies, and more

By Virginia K. Smith  | November 25, 2014 - 10:59AM

A craft beer bar and a farmer's market? Must mean it's Staten Island's turn for "the next Williamsburg" trend stories (Crain's)

Gift ideas for your friends who are in their "nesting" phase (NYM)

This all-in-one dinner plate could change your cocktail party game (Huffington Post)

101 reasons to be thankful you live in Bushwick (or consider moving there) (Bushwick Daily)

Classic NYC scams to look out for, including the old "money first, keys later" gambit (Village Voice, previously)

Decor tips from some of the city's coziest boutiques (Refinery 29)

You're probably too cool to care about superlatives, but we're living in America's Snobbiest City (Fortune)

Turning a walk-in closet into a nursery is more emotionally fraught than you might think (NYM)

Maybe take all those New York Times trend pieces about Queens with a grain of salt (Brownstoner Queens)

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