For sale: Small but popular (web)site in Greenpoint!

By Jennifer Laing  | November 5, 2014 - 3:59PM

Can’t afford a Brooklyn home? Well, you can always start smaller—say, by buying a Brooklyn-based blog. As luck would have it, Greenpointers, a popular local resource for everything Greenpoint, just happens to be for sale.

Jennifer Galatioto, who bought the seven-year-old site from founder Justine Carroll in 2011, recently moved to Oregon. (She previously lived in nearby Ridgewood, Queens.) While maintaining the blog from afar is doable, she writes in a post announcing the sale, she thinks a local would better handle it. "I will consider all serious inquiries, proposals and creative ideas and have a business plan ready for you to review,​" she writes.

Who knows, one day some avid follower may "like" you enough to offer you a piece of nabe real estate—at a good price. (Hey, one can dream!) 


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