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Why New Yorkers do Halloween better than everyone else

By BrickUnderground  | October 30, 2014 - 2:59PM
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Think you need an idyllic cul-de-sac of imposing McMansions to do Halloween right? Think again. For our money, trick or treating in an apartment building is the ultimate way to maximize your candy-to-square-footage ratio (as long as the neighbors aren't stingy). Below, three more reasons why All Hallow's Eve is better in NYC.
1. You don't have to feel guilty about eating all that chocolate: 364 days a year we walk about 10 times more than our suburban counterparts.
2. It's an easy transition from wholesome kid Halloween to sexy drunken adult Halloween. Mommy hands out the last candy bar, says goodnight to the kids, puts on daughter's girl scout costume with heels, heads to a bar.
3. Neither rain nor sleet nor snow will interfere as the kiddos stay toasty trick or treating indoors ... and they don't have to cover up their costumes with coats.
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