Eke out closet space you didn't know you had

By Jennifer Laing  | September 29, 2014 - 12:59PM

Sometimes you think your closet is working as hard as it can, and then you realize there might be more real estate to exploit than you previously thought. This decently sized, Lower East Side walk-in, belonging to Fiona Byrne of the lifestyle blog The Byrne Notice, seemed to be set up efficiently (even if it was packed), with a hanging section for shirts and pants, shelves for tops and shoes, plus other storage solutions for accessories. But a makeover by the Container Store, showcased in Refinery29, made everything that much more visible and accessible. Here, the best tips to takeaway from this wardrobe revamp:

The closet, before it's space-enhancing makeover (Photo credit: Refinery29)

• Move the hanging rod: Relocating the rod to a new spot within the closet may free up space, and adding a second rod above or below the first doubles the potential storage. Here, bringing the rod from the back to the side and adding a second one below for trousers and jeans makes room for floating shelves along the back wall.

• Use all vertical space: Installing some ceiling-skimming shelves will give you access to every inch of possible square footage. Here, wire shelves hold boxes or seasonal items. Don’t worry if you aren’t tall enough to reach that high. A small step stool that lives in the closet easily solves that problem.

• Don’t forget the door: A full-length mirror is nice, but the inside door of a closet could be put to much better use. Here, a door rack combined with adjustable baskets creates storage for handbags.

• Get footwear off the floor: It’s commonplace to store shoes down low, but getting them off the floor makes them easier to see, and so, wear. Here, pullout shoe shelves are hung along one wall so every pair is neatly stowed and easily accessed.

• Swap out hangers: Plastic hangers tend to be bulky and take up a lot of room. Swap them out for space-saving chrome or a set of slim, flocked versions and you’ll gain hanging space.


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