6 NYC homes with an extra room for the nanny

By Virginia K. Smith  | September 19, 2014 - 1:59PM

Cab fare is standard when you've got a babysitter watching your kid for the evening. But what if someone helps out with the kids round-the-clock? If you've got the extra cash, you could take up residence in one of these NYC pads so spacious the nanny can have an extra room all to themselves. 

Given that it's over a century old, it's no surprise that the many antique touches in this eight-bedroom Park Slope townhouse include maid's quarters (as well as a formal dining room, eat-in kitchen and parlor). The place rents for $19,300 a month ... nanny salary not included.

As a potential combination of a five-bedroom and a one-bedroom apartment at the top of the building, this $14 million penthouse at the Pythian on the Upper West Side has more than enough room for a few extra hands on deck, including staff quarters that lead directly onto the terrace.

Another over-the-top opulent Upper West Side option: this four-bedroom, $18 million co-op at the legendary San Remo, which features two separate bedrooms for staff (or guests) in a separate hallway leading right off the kitchen.

What, would you really live in a $14.5 million Upper East Side spread like this one and not expect to have extra rooms for your employees? In this case, the nanny could have an entirely separate floor to themselves, with a staff bedroom and en-suite bathroom located on the first floor near the pantry and library.

We'll finish off with one comparatively more attainable option: this $3 million Financial District three-bedroom, which includes a large, en-suite back bedroom ideal for situating a nanny you're hoping to keep on hand 24/7.


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