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Quick decorating tips to beat the post-summer blues

By Jennifer Laing  | September 2, 2014 - 1:59PM

Summer may be winding down (so long half-day Fridays), but there’s no reason to sink into a post-Labor Day funk. Here, Apartment Therapy suggests some tips for freshening up your apartment—and by extension your spirits:

  1. Let the sunshine in: Vitamin D is essential for a sunny disposition—that’s especially true in New York City where apartments are often small and dim. Make the most of what natural light is available by opening the curtains, blinds and windows wide.
  2. Add a pop of color: A few brightly-colored accessories—pillows, throws, lamps, vases of flowers—can quickly perk up even the most poky apartment, adding a touch of cheerfulness to any room.
  3. Spark a scented candle: NYC apartments are notorious for their limited exposures and lack of ventilation. A scented candle in an energizing or refreshing scent (think lemon, orange, mint) can work wonders on a stale space.
  4. Bring the outdoors in: Summer is a time for spending outside so if the sudden shift back to cramped indoor-living is causing cabin fever, try bringing the outdoors in via a living, breathing plant. Got a brown thumb? Invest in a succulent. They’re easy to care for and some—like a Christmas Cactus, for example—produce colorful flowers (see #2) multiple times a year.


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