A toast to oenophiles: 6 NYC homes with dedicated wine storage

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This week's apartment status symbol: wine storage in your apartment (or apartment building). There's arguably nothing better than a private wine cellar—or at least a wine fridge—to make you feel like a high roller, or some kind of Northern Californian millionaire, minus the risk of earthquakes and broken bottles. With that in mind, we took a look at current listings for high-end digs with wine fridges, coolers, cellars, and shared wine rooms. Cheers.

Feel like taking your search out to Staten Island? You can snag this $1,085,000 3-bedroom house, which has a sauna, Jacuzzi and a finished basement with its very own wine cellar.

This $85,000 a month Sutton Place 4-bedroom is particularly well set-up for entertaining, with six bathrooms (extras always come in handy), a chef's kitchen and formal dining area, and an outdoor area with a grill, fireplace, and TV, plus a Viking wine fridge that'll hold up to 150 bottles.

Even with its staggering $35,000 a month price tag, there are a lot of reasons to covet Bay Ridge's famous "Gingerbread House," not the least of which is a wine cellar to call your own—just imagine grabbing a bottle (or two) and heading to that backyard.

In addition to some dedicated wine storage right in the kitchen (look to the upper right), this $50,000 a month condo at 15 Central Park West is located in a luxury building that includes "wine rooms" among its many amenities.

If you're willing to shell out $6,995 a month for a 2-bedroom in the as-yet-to-be-opened luxury building 101 Bedford, you'll also have access to this shared wine cellar, complete with seating and fake nature.