5 things we learned from a room packed with brokers

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Proving that they're as set on becoming a source for connections as they are for information (and handy, interactive maps), the real estate data tycoons at Property Shark threw a Manhattan bash Tuesday night packed with brokers, lenders, and just about everyone else in the business of helping New Yorkers find a place to live (with BrickUnderground as a media sponsor).  With that many real estate minds in the same room, there were bound to be a few teachable moments (even with drinks flowing). Five key things we learned along the way:

  • The Park Slope effect continues to ripple outward. "People tell me how much they've sold for, and I can't even tell if they're lying or not," says one stunned, wet-behind-the-ears Prospect Park-area broker.
  • Consider it an unfortunate confirmation of long-held suspicions: according to one inspector for environmental assessments we chatted with, Greenpoint is far and away the most contaminated neighborhood in Brooklyn. Ah. 
  • If you build it, they will come: the event itself was held at Space Ibiza, the enormous, brand-new West Side Highway outpost of Spain's club of the same name.  With the Hudson Yards development looming ever larger, we have a sneaking suspicion this isn't the only new mega-club headed to the West Side.
  • In case there were any lingering doubts, time to cross Harlem off the list of "best kept secret" neighborhoods: one broker we chatted with had just moved from England a few weeks prior, and immediately set up camp uptown.
  • Above all, you can never, ever have enough business cards. Even if you think you have enough? Bring more.


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