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When to put the for-sale sign on your NYC apartment

By Jennifer Laing  | August 20, 2014 - 2:18PM

There may or may not be a perfect time of year to list a New York City apartment, but according to Trulia (by way of Business Insider), paying attention to these significant calendar events may help you in your quest to sell.

Summer break: Few families are willing to pack up and move during the school year (it's too disruptive), so if you’re selling a family-sized apartment in a good school zone consider listing it when school’s out for summer.

Tax time: Tax deductions associated with closing costs and mortgage income are major incentives for buyers looking to close on properties in advance of tax time. Similarly, post-tax time buyers are motivated by the potential of reducing their tax bills the following year.

When it’s warm … or cold: If your building has a pool, buyers may be more interested in it during the hot summer months when they can imagine themselves taking advantage of it as an amenity. Similarly, if you’re selling an apartment with a working fireplace, it will look better in the winter when a crackling fire makes a home look extra warm and inviting.

Before or after the holidays: Many buyers take a break from their search during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to spend time with family. (That said, many homes show best decorated for the holidays and, as we've noted before, potential buyers who drag themselves out in the slushy streets are often the most motivated.)

The New Year: Believe it or not, along with losing weight and getting fit, home buying is, for many, a popular New Year’s resolution.


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