Organize your fridge in three easy steps

By Jennifer Laing  | August 15, 2014 - 1:59PM

Need a weekend project that’s both satisfying and essential? How about organizing the black hole that is your fridge? Apartment Therapy has a three-step program for establishing order in this frequently neglected appliance.

Step 1: Clear everything out. It’s not possible to properly organize around the rotting veggies, old containers full of God-knows-what and jars of leaking mustards, jams and jellies. Throw out any food that’s expired (check those dates!), condiments you’ve used only once (you’re not likely to ever use them again) and leftovers that have migrated to the back of the fridge (that mystery wrapped in tin foil needs to be tossed). Then use warm soapy water to wipe down shelves and clean out drawers.

Step 2: Put things back into the fridge keeping in mind the coolest area is at the bottom and warmest is in the door. Place drinks and leftovers (you need to see them to eat them) on the top shelf. Reserve the lowest shelf for raw ingredients like meats, eggs and milk. Store condiments in the door. And stash fruits and veggies in the drawers.

Step 3: Maximize fridge space by adding a few clever accessories like a lazy Susan (for better access to the stuff in the back) or a temporary shelf (for extra storage). Then, preserve the pristine effect by adding temporary labels to remind you where everything goes and committing a few minutes every week to maintaining the new order. 


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