The studio dweller's answer to stowing trash in style

By Jennifer Laing  | August 26, 2014 - 3:59PM

More than anyone, New Yorkers dwelling in small apartments know that every inch of spare space counts, so it’s important to fill it with elements that enhance your home—and that goes for the trash bin, too. Who wants to clutter up their kitchen (which in a tiny place is often open to the living room, dining room and, sometimes, bedroom) with an unattractive plastic crate? Not us!

To the rescue, the Swing Bin, a stylish, sculptural wastebasket designed by Tokyo's Shigeichiro Takeuchi. The simple, cylinder-shaped receptacle has a diagonal opening and a sleek wooden lid that swings open and shut without any screws, gears, wires or other mechanisms, making trash collecting uncommonly chic. While the bin isn’t meant to be used with a bag, we think the easy-to-remove lid will make cleaning the inside of the approximately 12 x 8” container a cinch.

This is one trash can you won't want to hide under the kitchen sink.

With 18 days to go, the Swing Bin is about halfway to its Kickstarter fundraising goal of $65,000. A pledge of $65 will score you your own Swing Bin (in matte white/hard maple or matte black/walnut) if the project moves forward. Expect delivery sometime in November.


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