Beware the Photoshopped listing, settling a security deposit dispute, and more

By Virginia K. Smith  | August 11, 2014 - 10:59AM

If a listing looks to good to be true, check the fine print; the pictures may be Photoshopped (NYDN)

Don't give up part of your security deposit for breaking a rule that's not in your lease (NYT)

8 quick ways to make your living room look better without a huge re-decorating effort (Apartment Therapy)

In search of affordable housing? The Catholic Church might be doing more for you than city government (City Limits)

Second Avenue Subway neighbors shouldn't expect that construction noise to calm down anytime soon (NYDN)

An exciting day for ultra-rich buyers: everyone's favorite old house on the Bowery may be for sale (Crain's via Gothamist)

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