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At 10 Hanover Square, a romance-worthy roofdeck and ho-hum rock climbing wall

By Polly Mosendz  | August 22, 2014 - 8:59AM

The building: 10 Hanover Square in the Financial District 

What you'll pay: Rentals available now range from a studio for $2,649 a month to a three-bedroom for $7,399 a month. 

Amenities:  Doorman, concierge, media room, package room, storage, rooftop terrace, club room, lounge, fitness center including sauna, rock-climbing wall and spa. The gym has a $70 fee per month. For the storage units, the cost is $15 a month. All other amenities are included in the cost of rent. 

Which amenities do you swear by?  

Annabelle: I love all the staff, they’re awesome and always up for a chat. I work from home so it’s nice having a friendly group in my building if I just want to wander down to the lobby and get my daily dose of human interaction. 

Warren: I like the gym, it’s comparable to a nice Crunch or Equinox. 

Kevin: My roommates and I hang out at the media room and the roof a lot. The roof is actually perfect for dates. It’s casual, no pressure, and a kick-ass view. My roommates and I call it the panty dropper. 

Amber: I love the gym, I love the guys that work here. Everything else is lovely as well, just I don’t find myself gravitating to it as much because it isn’t part of my daily routine. I guess if I find myself needing to rent out a space, I would definitely consider our media area but so far I haven’t had any use for it. I have a big enough TV I can watch from my couch. 

Which do you never use? 

Annabelle: I have been living here since the winter and honestly, I don’t use too much of anything in the building, but it isn’t because it isn’t nice. I just find myself wanting to walk around a lot here because the neighborhood is so beautiful and we are right by the water. It’s packed with amenities but I just want to be outdoors no matter what. 

Warren: Well, the actual place is nice, the amenities are there, but the management company gets on my nerves so I haven’t really used anything lately. I’m too fed up and I want to get away from luxury living back into a family-owned walk up. That vibe makes it hard to enjoy the good stuff we do have. 

Camilla: I have never used the concierge, storage, spa or rock wall. I am on and off with the gym. I would use it if I weren’t too lazy to go to the gym. ... I’m not huge on the media room because I don’t watch TV, but my son loves it. I think he just zones out there for hours. He could probably live there if I didn’t drag him back home. 

Kevin: I haven’t given the gym or sauna or storage a try. I could totally use a storage unit though so I should check that out. 

Amber: I think there’s nothing to write off completely, it’ll all get use in fair time. 

Anything surprise you?

Annabelle: I had lived in doorman buildings before and the staff was never this friendly. I was surprised how caring and even funny they were. Plus, I think it was made more surprising because a lot of them have worked in other places, other doorman buildings, and they seem to really love it here. 

Warren: As far as amenities go, nothing was surprising to me. I was just annoyed with myself because I didn’t opt out of re-upping my lease in time because I couldn’t get a new place and now I ended up living here longer than I was planning. So I guess I’m just surprised I stayed as long as I did. 

Kevin: We have a rock wall? 

Did the amenities draw you to the building?

Annabelle: No, I wanted to be on the water more than I wanted amenities. 

Warren:  I guess half and half. They were nice to have and I wanted a nice building, but mostly I wanted a nice building near my office. Now I want to be nowhere near my office and not such a nice building. 

Camilla:  I think they clinched it for my family. 

Kevin:  No, I just needed a place to stay and found roommates on an alumni board. I was just happy these dudes took me in. 

Amber: Sure, I loved the options. 


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