Solving the worst rental dilemmas, a home makeover goes horribly awry, and more

By Virginia K. Smith  | July 16, 2014 - 10:59AM

The very worst things about renting, and how to get around them (Apartment Therapy) 

You're probably better off doing your own "home makeover" than getting one from a reality show (NYP)

Turns out, a lice salon won't be replacing the bakery in Park Slope (FIPS, previously)

In exchange for a garbage station, should the Upper East Side get its own High Line? We've heard worse ideas (NYDN via The Observer)

Decently priced (and decent-looking) Manhattan condos can still be found if you look uptown (Curbed NY)

If you've got extra outdoor space, a tiny trailer like the one at Silent Barn might be just the ticket (Bedford + Bowery)

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