6 in-house NYC screening rooms worthy of a double feature

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Most of us don't have room for a full-blown dining room table let alone an entire screening room to call our own, but in some New York apartments, you can truly live the dream: theater-quality screen and sound system in the comfort of your own home, with total control over the concessions, the ability to pause, and no screaming (or texting) teenagers to side-eye. Whether you go the extra mile and install an in-house pump for sludgy popcorn "butter" topping is entirely up to you.

In this 10-bedroom, $3.5 million Hamilton Heights townhouse, there's a full screening room (we're guessing it wasn't there when the place went up in 1892), and it's just down the hall from a billiards room and full wet bar.

The screening room of this almost $2.9 million Chelsea condo is lined with leather banquettes, and includes a digital projector and 90-inch screen.

In this $1.3 million FiDi condo, once the home of JP Morgan's banking operations, the screening area is conveniently located right up a short flight of stairs and around the corner from the kitchen and home bar. Perfect for refills and top-ups when you don't feel like pausing the movie.

Dangerous for those of us who already have a penchant for falling asleep mid-movie, but otherwise, it's pretty hard to argue with the couch setup (and 120-inch screen and major sound system) in the theater of this $13.5 million Upper East Side condo.

It doesn't have a fleet of cup holder-ready arm chairs, but the living room in this $17,500/month Tribeca rental does come with a state of the art projector and retractable screen, for when you want to turn the place into a theater at a moment's notice.

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