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Two Airbnb junkies share tips on being the ultimate host

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | August 11, 2014 - 3:59PM

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The kerfuffle between Airbnb and state regulators may not be fully resolved (and the jury's still out on the site's recent "rebranding"), but plenty of New Yorkers will be using the short-term rental service and others like it in these last few weeks of summer. 

If you're renting to strangers—​which is only legal if they stay for 30 days or longer, or if you live in the place at the same time—keep in mind these tips from two frequent Airbnb guests to make them feel at home.
1. Don't be stingy with the cold air. You can factor your higher electricity bills into your room rates, but don't make your guests spend a New York City summer day in an apartment without air conditioning. A compromise? Ask them to turn it off when they're not at home. 
2. Be upfront about apartment quirks. If turning on the microwave and toaster at the same time leads to a blown fuse, don't keep it to yourself. Making a detailed list of everything people need to know about your abode means you're less likely to get angry phone calls (or bad reviews).
3. Don't keep the stairs a secret. Remember, they probably have luggage, and they'll want to be prepared for the climb to your fifth-floor walk-up. 
4. Provide storage space. Even if it’s just a collapsible clothes rail that you bring out when guests stay, it can help. They'll have to put their clothes somewhere.
5. Stay in touch during the visit. Make sure your guests are happy and keep the lines of communication open (without bothering them). Email is probably best.

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8 tips for NYC Airbnb hosts, from a pair of Airbnb junkies

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