You'll never touch drain gunk again thanks to the Tweak

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | June 27, 2014 - 9:59AM

Nothing seems to annoy a super more than being called to your apartment to snake the drain--AGAIN. Which is why we were psyched to find Tweak, a flexible rubber plug-cum-strainer that comes in a range of bright colors and two sizes--one for the kitchen sink and one for the bathtub.

Aside from stopping food and hair from going down the drain (like a plug), Tweak solves the problem of having to scoop up said food and hair with your bare fingers (yuck). To lift the strainer, you simply "tweak"--or more accurately, squeeze--a built-in handle, so there's no need to touch any of the nasty stuff before you toss it in the trash. 

Tweak, a rubber plug, makes throwing out sink gunk as painless as possible

The Tel Aviv-based designers, Nitzan Shafat and Aviv Rozenfeld, are raising funds on Kickstarter, and doing a pretty good job: so far they've raised more than $71,000, several times their $14,000 goal. They've got three days left in the campaign, and a donation of $8 will get you a sink or bathtub strainer.


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