How not to wake up to a rat on your chest (like one unfortunate Upper West Sider did)

By Virginia K. Smith  | May 13, 2014 - 3:15PM

It's just about the most horrifying wake up call we can imagine: opening your eyes to a live rat scurrying over your chest. But that's just what a 72-year-old woman claims happened at her Upper West Side apartment--and she's taking her landlord to court for compensation, the New York Daily News reported yesterday. 

"I was laying on my back, sleeping, and felt the rat on my chest," Lidia Cuevas told the paper. "I panicked. I screamed and jumped off the bed." Sounds about right. 

Like it or not, this got us thinking about all things rat-related, and we dug through our archives for advice on keeping day-to-day rat encounters to a bare minimum.

We've got:



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