A seller shares the agonies of going broker-free, "auditing" a new nabe, and more

By Leigh Kamping-Carder  | May 5, 2014 - 10:59AM

Inside one Park Sloper’s tortuous road to selling her co-op without a broker (NYT)

Are you and your new 'hood sympatico? Before you move, consider a "values audit" (NYT)

Talk about a DIY home project: Brooklyn man extracts a baby raccoon from his wall (Gothamist)

Ideas to brighten and beautify a small, dark bathroom (Apartment Therapy)

What does a new renter do about a landlord’s bad paint job? (NYT)

Rent or buy? A primer on the pros and cons (WSJ)

Speak like a New Yawker: elucidating the difference between a bodega and a deli (Gothamist)

An Airbnb for the Mickey Mouse set, now taking applications from hosts (Brooklyn Based)

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