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At the Edge, kids love the perks, but virtual golf is a puzzler

By Polly Mosendz  | April 17, 2014 - 8:59AM

Building: Edge, 22 North Sixth Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

What you’ll pay: Rentals available now in the twin North Tower and South Tower range from a studio for $2,875 a month to a two-bedroom for $5,450 a month. Sales listings include $725,000 for a studio, $1.15 million for a one-bedroom and $2.35 million for a two-bedroom.

What you'll get: All-season pool, fitness centers, yoga studio, basketball court, volleyball court, group exercise studio, virtual golf system, plunge pool with waterfall, spa, fire pit, sauna, steam bath, whirlpool, personal training, terrace,  barbeque, lounge, pool hall, chef’s kitchen, cooking classes, screening rooms, game room, party room, children’s playroom.

What amenities do you swear by?

Ahmed: I mostly use the gym. I use the lounge a little also. I see a lot of kids in the building using the game room and stuff; I think I’ll try that out eventually.

Eugene: My family uses the playrooms a lot, and my personal favorites are the exercise courts and studios. The yoga studios are nice because a lot of the residents partake, so it’s a little community.

Julius:  I didn’t know we had a steam bath but I definitely want to try that. I just moved in recently, so I think I’ll mostly use the outdoor spaces this summer. Especially the grills. It's pretty rare to be able to grill out in New York.

Which do you never use?

Ahmed: I never use the pool here because I have a pool membership elsewhere.

Eugene: I don’t use any of the cooking stuff or the lounges. I had no clue about the cooking classes, maybe I would take one if I knew more about it.

Julius: I’m new so I guess everything. Though I feel like I’ll try most of it eventually, just not the golf thing. That’s silly.

What surprised you?

Ahmed: I was surprised by how nice the gym is. It's really clean and well kept. It’s also not super packed, which is great.

Eugene: It’s a pretty well-known building so my expectations were set. I think I was surprised by the yoga group I met, but in a good way.

Julius: Everything is just so shiny and brand new. I feel like every new amenity is like a new toy.

Did you move here for the amenities?

Ahmed: I needed a gym--that was a dealbreaker for me. That helped a lot.

Eugene: It mattered to my family as a whole. We really wanted to have a nice, fun space for kids. There were other buildings that had it, [but] there are lots of families here, so it was a good combo.

Julius: Definitely. I wanted all of the New York fanciful things I could pack into a building. 

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