At BKLYN GOLD, the pool is a draw, but parking? Not so much.

By Polly Mosendz  | April 9, 2014 - 8:59AM
Every week, BrickUnderground shares correspondent Polly Mosendz's surveys of those who live in New York's most amenity-laden buildings to find out which extras are actually useful and which ones barely get a try. 
Building: BKLYN GOLD, 277 Gold Street, Fort Greene, Brooklyn
What you'll get for free:  Concierge, valet, indoor pool, fitness center, residents' lounge with pool table and screening room, sky garden, courtyard, roof deck, bike storage.
What you'll pay extra for: Parking, at $250 per month for a car, $285 for a SUV.
Which amenities do you swear by? 
Younis: Everything! They’re all so cool. 
Joshua: I use most things. 
Thy: I use the pool and gym a lot, definitely more than anything else, and the roof in the summer. 
Which do you never use?
Younis: Well, I don’t have my own car, so the valet or parking. 
Joshua: I don't have a car, so I don't use the parking. 
Thy: I've never used the bike storage.
What surprised you?
Younis: Everything is really well kept, super taken care of. 
Joshua: The pool is definitely unusual, and really nice. I rarely see pools in Brooklyn buildings. 
Thy: No, overall it's exactly what they advertised and I expected. 
Did you move here for the amenities?
Younis: I wanted to stay in Brooklyn and have Manhattan amenities, that’s what I got here.


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