Room for Improvement

Pining for a clawfoot bathtub, fresh air and an office under the stairs

By Mayra David  | March 21, 2014 - 11:59AM

Space, space, and more space! This week, six New Yorkers clued us in to their home improvement fantasies, and not surprisingly, more room topped the list for most of them.

  • Office under the stairs I would love to turn the space under the stairs into storage--or better yet: an office space! It’s the perfect depth for a desk and some storage to keep this out of the way but accessible! - Liza, Astoria, Queens
  • Room for guests I would love a second bedroom. Just that extra space to stick guests in, but then also for all sorts of things like having an office, a place for my treadmill, a place to dry clothes that don’t go in the dryer, or a place to stick all the mess in when guests drop by. A spare room would be awesome. - Miles, Midtown West
  • Patch of green What I would really love is some outdoor space. Just a bit of space where I can sit and get some fresh air! Especially during the winter months, it was tough going outside. Somedays I just didn’t feel like packing up the stroller and taking the baby out for a walk. But then I feel sluggish if I don’t get fresh air all day, for several days! - Aenya, Harlem
  • Great bathtub I want to redo my bathroom using an old clawfoot tub I got at a flea market for really cheap. My parents have been keeping it for me and they keep threatening to convert it to a flower bed or something like that. I want to redo the bath, restore that clawfoot tub and have authentic fixtures--faucet, shower, curtain rod, etc.--to go along with it. But looking at prices just for the tub alone--not even the bathroom remodel--is so not doable right now! - Kathleen, Upper East Side
  • Kitchen overhaul I would do the whole kitchen over. I hate the vinyl tile. It’s the same floor in other parts of the apartment too. The entry, the baths, the dining room. I want hardwood floors, colorful walls, and all stainless steel appliances. - Rae, Brooklyn
  • Room without a (construction) view I wish I could get rid of the scaffolding that is in front of my windows. That won’t likely ever happen, so the next step is to move. I love my apartment otherwise, but if I can find a similar place, even smaller would be okay, for similar money, I’m gone. - Seb, Queens

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