Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement: Dreaming of a lavish ceiling and snow-proof parking

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Six New Yorkers share their dream apartment overhauls:

  • Floorplan fix I would love to redo the layout of my apartment. I would actually reduce the size of the kitchen by half and use the second half for a new bathroom. Right now my kitchen is this odd, long shape that isn't really the best use of space. -Marni, Inwood
  • Debt ceiling I would love to have all the detailing in my pre-war apartment restored. The ceiling has beautiful details that deserve to be admired! Alas, this project is completly cost-prohibitive and I don’t see myself ever accomplishing this task!  -Carol, Upper West Side
  • Make an entrance I'd love to have a proper entryway. A space for coming in and taking off your coat and shoes. With closets for storage.  -Annaliese, Harlem
  • In a glaze I'd like triple glazed windows for sure! To keep out the noise and the draft. -Sean, Gramercy
  • Beat the heat I'd replace my entire building's heating system from a loud, hissing, uncontrollable mess to a quiet, modestly sized radiator that allows me to determine how much heat I want. -Andrea, Queens
  • Snow cover I’d have a garage to keep my car free from all this snow! Everyday I find my car buried in either fresh snow or snow the plows "cleared away." It's messing up my daily life. If I liked shoveling snow I would have stayed in the suburbs of New Jersey. - Kenny, Harlem

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