If you’re among the rarest type of city dweller—one with a car, that is—it may behoove you to know where exactly you’d be able to park that ride before you fork over a down payment on a new apartment.

And while a parking garage in the neighborhood is all well and good, the cherry on that cherry-red convertible is a garage located inside your co-op or condo building, where you'll be able to lug groceries only a short distance, duck the polar vortex, and eliminate the stress of the double-parking loading/unloading zone.

To help you find these basement carparks, real estate data powerhouse has put together an interactive map of all co-op and condo buildings with parking garages in NYC. Condos with parking garages are signified by a blue car, and co-ops are marked with a green car.  (Rental buildings with garages are denoted in red, though the map does not include every rental with on-site parking.) 

A quick glance will show you where to focus your apartment search if you crave on-site parking in your next abode.

In Manhattan, the largest concentration of condos and co-ops with garages can be found in upscale residential neighborhoods like the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side. The comparatively low-rise neighborhood of Greenwich Village, as well as Tribeca and Chelsea, has a smattering of buildings with on-site parking, while West Harlem and the Lower East Side are the Sahara deserts of on-site garages.

In Brooklyn and Queens, you'll probably need to focus your search on condos, since that's where most on-site garages are located.  The Williamsburg/Greenpoint neighborhoods appear to have the highest concentration of on-site parking in Brooklyn.  In Queens, Long Island City and pockets of of Astoria are particularly car-friendly.

While the map can help you get a clearer picture of your options, remember that just because there's a garage, doesn't mean there's parking.

“You might see that there’s a garage attached to a certain property on the map, but what you don’t know is that there might also be a three-year waiting list. There’s not necessarily a spot for you," points out Nancy Jorisch, a senior data analyst for PropertyShark. is a real estate website that provides in-depth data for more than 75 million properties in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, and other major US markets. The company covers most of the U.S. with a primary focus on the New York real estate marketplace. Click here to see what services and data are offered in your area.

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