8 reasons why the rent is so damn high; meanwhile, rental concessions are sort of back, and more

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | January 9, 2014 - 8:59AM

Believe it or not, affordable housing may be headed to Hell's Kitchen (DNA Info)

Ever wonder why the rent is so damn high? Here are eight reasons (WNYC)

Yet, there is some good news for renters: Concessions up, rents down a tiny bit (Elliman Report; previously)...

... and for those looking to rent in Manhattan this winter, here's a map that shows where the deals are right this very moment (Rentenna)

Queens is not quite yet the new Brooklyn: Average sales price flat in Queens flat last quarter, whereas Brooklyn is  up 12% in a year (Elliman Reports)

What's on top of your building can hurt you--or worse: Upper West Side woman suffers severe head injury from falling ice in front of the Ansonia (West Side Rag)

Looking for a $1 million -$5 million apartment? Be prepared for competition from Chinese buyers (Fox Business via The Real Deal)

Brokers spar over whether Bitcoin has a place in real estate transactions (CNBC via The Real Deal)

Williamsburg townhouse values triple in 10 years, and more on the state of Brooklyn from 2003-2013 (New York Magazine)
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