10 white lies brokers tell to sell you on an iffy nabe

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New York City neighborhoods are constantly evolving. That said, real estate brokers would like some of the less desirable ones to change as quickly as possible. Here are 10 things you're likely to hear from a broker who's trying to sell you on an "up-and-coming" neighborhood:

1. We hear Whole Foods is coming any day now.

2. Many Europeans get to work via ferry every day (if you're looking at Staten Island).

3. What a great investment opportunity.

4.  In 10 years, everyone will be dying to live here....

5. ... and by then you'll never be able to afford it.

6. This is a neighborhood for people with vision.

7. No waitlist for the local public school!

8.  You are so close to the hospitals, god forbid you should ever need them.

9. You get to say you're part of a changing neighborhood.

10.  The commute is still shorter than the 'burbs.


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