Pros and cons of buying a sponsor unit, 9 cheap Ikea staples, Rihanna's got better closets than you and more

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | December 19, 2013 - 8:59AM

The pros and cons of buying a co-op sponsor unit, including lower down payments and higher prices (NY1; previously)

We all can use/need a little Ikea in our lives. Behold: 9 of the Swedish companies chicest and cheapest staples (Apartment Therapy)

Williamsburg's seen its median household income increase a lot in the last 12 years, particularly by the waterfront. Gentrification at work (Business Insider)

Good news for some renters: Governor Cuomo says he'll add a renter tax credit to the statewide property tax break (Capital New York)

Contractors and workers are at odds over the city's Scaffold Law (New York Times)

Get ready for some serious closet envy: Rihanna is turning three bedrooms in her apartment into walk-in closets (New York Post)

Bitcoin now an acceptable way to pay rent--for one apartment anyway (Curbed)

Killing all your household plants? Us too. But now maybe we can blame it on our wireless routers (The Daily Dot)

Brooklyn finally gets its first Whole Foods...and Bryant Park will get one next year (New York Daily News; WSJ)

If you really feel like getting into the Christmas spirit this weekend, check out these Queens homes that are all decked out for the holidays (DNA Info)

Feeling slightly masochistic instead? Check out these to-die-for NYC residences that you'll never live in (New York Magazine)


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