If you're zeroing in on an apartment in New York City, you could wander the streets of your prospective new 'hood to see how far you'll need to travel for groceries, cash or a spin class--or you could just click over to this interactive map of all the groundfloor retail spaces in NYC put together by real estate data authority

A longtime favorite among commercial real estate brokers--who use the map to analyze the competitive landscape for prospective commercial tenants--the PropertyShark retail map is also a handy shortcut for apartment hunters hoping to spot the good, the bland, and the potentially annoying.

Zoom into specific areas of the map to see the names and logos of the various stores, restaurants, hair salons and health clubs that line the streets of New York City.  

Depending on your point of view, for instance, a Buttercup Bakery between you and the nearest subway stop may be more of a liability than a benefit. 

Similarly, “if you see that there are too many bars or nightclubs in the vicinity, you may decide you don’t want to move there--or just the opposite," says Nancy Jorisch, a senior data analyst for PropertyShark.

Lots of restaurants nearby? That's great for dining...but step out on your future terrace around dinnertime to assess the exhaust fan situation.    And if your building shares the block with a dog boarding facility, take a long slow walk around to see whether outdoor excercise breaks have made a fragrant latrine of the sidewalk you'll be treading each day.

"Having the right businesses and services nearby is a big advantage," says Jorisch, "and with the map, it's easy to check before you make a commitment." is a real estate website that provides in-depth data for more than 75 million properties in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, and other major US markets. The company covers most of the U.S. with a primary focus on the New York real estate marketplace. Click here to see what services and data are offered in your area.

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