How to break your lease, where to find a cheap(er) luxury condo, and more

By Sara Alessi | December 16, 2013 - 8:59AM

How to break up with your landlord  (New York Daily News; previously)

Where to find 'bargain' luxury condos (New York Times)

It's time for rich Russian buyers to pay more taxes for the privilege of living part time in NYC (CrainsNY)

Straight from the Slopers' mouths: Here's what Park Slope residents really think about their popular neighborhood (Curbed NY)

Here's how de Blasio's old and new neighborhoods--Park Slope and Yorkville--stack up (New York Daily News)

Sorry Hamptons-bound UWSers. No Jitney stop for you! (DNAinfo)

Economics and pure convenience mean more multigenerational families are popping up in the boroughs (New York Times)

Boards: Read this before installing a backup generator (Habitat; previously)

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