Tales of a NYC soundproofer, security deposit revenge, NYC brokerage accepts Bitcoin, and more

By Sara Alessi  | December 2, 2013 - 8:58AM

No noise too loud: A day in the life of a NYC soundproofer (NYT)

Renter attacks apartment with sledgehammer in act of security deposit vengeance (NY Daily News)

Stair happy: Price of walk-ups surged 22% this year, versus 2% for apts in full-service buildings (NY Times)

NYC real estate brokerage says it's the first to accept Bitcoin (Reddit)

Eight (relatively) affordable NYC neighborhoods that may not stay that way for long (

Think there's no such thing as free rent? Not for residents of the Hotel Chelsea  (Wall Street Journal)

Brooklyn landlord locks out rent-stabilized tenants after renovating their apartments (NY Daily News)

Tips on entering the housing lottery (DNAinfo; previously)

The incoming mayor is also going to go after vacant lots (Brokelyn)

Thinking of leaving NYC for the 'burbs? Space is cheaper....but watch out for the property taxes (The Real Deal)

Think NYC property taxes are unfair? NYU’s Furman Center generated ideas to help de Blasio’s administration make them fairer (NYU Furman Center)

NYC apartment buildings drag their feet on emergency generators  (Habitat Magazine)

Nope, mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers are not the same. Here's how to know which one to use (New York Times)

NYC to residents: Stop pouring grease down the drain! (Brokelyn)


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