Room for Improvement

Room For Improvement: Something to take the edge off winter and the cooking smells out of the kitchen

By Mayra David  | December 6, 2013 - 10:55AM

Heated floors, vented kitchens, and the ultimate man cave. Five New Yorkers share what's on their residential wish list. 

  • Happy feet What I wouldn't give for radiant floor heating! Since I live on a high floor in an old building, I can feel the heat rise through the floorboards where my downstairs neighbor's radiators are. It's a lovely feeling underfoot  but only in the specific spots directly above the radiators downstairs. I'd love to have warm floors all over the apartment, especially in the bathroom!  -Ayna, Greenpoint
  • Fair floorplan My apartment is missing a room. I guess many years ago, the owner of the apartment next door was allowed by the board (I think he was on the board) to take one room from the next door apartment. He took my living room. I'd really like it back. I wouldn't care about the extra maintenance - Jean, Harlem
  • A for-real fireplace  A working fireplace would be amazing! I don't know anybody who has a working fireplace in the city, though I've heard legends of apartments that do have them. New York gets so incredibly cold but it would be worth it if I could come home to a lit, woodburning fireplace. - Sarah, Morningside
  • Man cave I'd get a  totally soundproofed room with a state of the art sound system.  A cave where I can play music, make music, and watch movies.  - Jose, Bronx
  • A cook's kitchen Is it weird I just want a kitchen with a strong hood that vents outside, and a built-in deep fryer with a filter?  I'm Asian and love to cook really fragrant foods and my cooking also involves a lot of deep frying. I'm pretty sure my neighbors would also like me to have these things. - Connie, Sunnyside



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