A look at Brooklyn vs Manhattan rents, radiator envy, some high-tech tips for peering behind an LLC, and more

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A glimmer of hope for die-hard Manhattanites: In October, rents fell slightly for the second month in a row. Brooklyn? Not so much (The Real Deal)

Is there such a thing as radiator envy? We think we have it (New York Times)

Sorry, Bloomy. Plan to  rezone  East Midtown for more skyscrapers  is stopped by City Council (DNA Info)

Dying to find out who the oh-so-secretive buyer is behind that LLC? Here 's how to do it (Property Shark)

A rapist used the fire escape in a Little Italy building to reach his victim (DNA Info)

Ever wonder how much it would cost to live like Carrie Bradshaw? Turns out it's $13.25 million (Curbed)
One unique protector against future hurricane damage: The oyster (Bloomberg News)
Why real estate brokers are a bit unsure about the future... and why we should be too (Crains)
Survey says renters & buyers prefer swimming pools and yoga studios over handball courts, bowling alleys, and rock climbing walls in their luxury buildings (The Real Deal)
How to survive winter in your NYC apartment, when it's too hot or too cold inside (DNA Info; previously)
According to a report, Bed Stuy is the next Williamsburg. But, wait, wasn't that titled reserved for Bushwick? (Crains; Gothamist)
The secret to lower NYC apartment prices... broken windows (The New Yorker)
For those having a hard time selling their property (there are still some of those), is lease-to-own a win-win? (NY1; previously)