Queens is the new (affordable) Brooklyn; how to make a killing on Airbnb without breaking the law, and more

By Sara Alessi | November 4, 2013 - 8:59AM

Looking for an affordable apartment? Queens is the new Brooklyn (NY Times)

How to make a killing on Airbnb without breaking the law--or leaving your apartment (

There are better ways of building affordable housing than giving property tax breaks to developers of luxury real estate (WSJ via CurbedNY)

Meanwhile, owners of buildings adorned with Banksy murals could get $200,000-$500,000 a pop ..if they can figure out how to scrape the art off the building (NY Post) 

Rest in peace? City Council bill takes aim at late-night and early-morning construction (NY Post)

Brooklyn may be booming, but mom-and-pop real estate brokerages may have little to celebrate (The Real Deal)

Still haven’t gotten your Sandy rent rebate? Neither have these Knickerbocker residents (The Villager)

Wondering whether you should remove built-in furniture before listing your apartment? It depends on what you’ve got (NY Times)

Good news: Sales (and prices) in areas hit by Sandy are finally stabilizing (WSJ)

Bad news: If you earn less than $57k year, you probably haven't fixed the mess Sandy made of your home (Crain's)

Developers are striving for truly sustainable buildings, and many buyers are going green these days. Will you? (NY Times)

Like to catch some rays in Central Park with your kids during winter? Well, new luxury buildings may cast shadows on that plan (New York Times)

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