The upside of climate change for New Yorkers; Chelsea co-op asks renters to pay up or get out of the pool, and more

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | September 5, 2013 - 8:58AM

Huh? Climate change could mean that superstorms like Sandy become less common in New York City, a new report finds (Atlantic Cities)

Co-op owners at Chelsea's London Terrace complex seek to ban renters from using swimming pool (NY Post)

Here's what to do when your bed is inches from your kitchen (Apartment Therapy)

If you want to settle in a truly hip Brooklyn neighborhood, you may want to skip Williamsburg and head out to Greenpoint (New York Post)  

Stuyvesant Town renters will have to wait until next year for their lawsuit payout (The Real Deal)

Thanks the Department of Buildings, the "economist of doom" may find his famous orgiastic parties doomed. His rooftop hot tub has to go (Curbed)

Need some more space? Consider your stairway's landing or that hallway broom closet -- they may be for sale (New York Times)

It's election season -- here's where the mayoral candidates stand on real estate issues (The Real Deal)...

...and here are some ideas for those same candidates on how to create more affordable housing in NYC (New York Times)

Looking to furnish a small space? These 6 couches for small apartments that may do the trick (Huffington Post)




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