Your super might be spying on your cable use; Mayor pushes for more smoke-free buildings; sofabed tragedy and more

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Supers get free/discounted cable...  in exchange for spying on building residents (New York Times)

Pack your bags, people: These 6 European castles cost less than NYC apartments (Buzzfeed)

Butts out: More city apartment buildings considering going smoke-free (New York Post; previously)

Breaking up with New York is easier than you think, say some (NY Magazine; BuzzFeed)

Turning an alcove into a second bedroom can certainly help with resale, but just make sure you really have room before you start construction (New York Times)

Good news for nature lovers: Apartment search site Rentenna now maps how many trees, parks and farmers markets are in a given neighborhood (The Real Deal; Rentenna)

Star struck? Consider living in these apartments with storied pasts (New York Magazine)

A meth lab on your block could knock 20% off the value of your apartment (BusinessInsider)

With a $5 million budget, which is best -- Park Slope, Upper East Side or Upper West? (UrbanBaby)

Ever wonder what it's like to live in the city's skinniest townhouse? It's a bit of a squeeze (obviously), and comes with tourists gawking outside  (Wall Street Journal)

Harlem horror story: Sofa bed suffocation tragedy (DNA Info)