Chelsea apartments from $525 per month, 22-year-old E. Village buyer sparks Internet backlash, and more

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | September 12, 2013 - 8:59AM

With rents this high, an intrepid 22-year-old figures out how to to buy and does (New York Observer)...

... and then, almost immediately, ignites Internet firestorm (Huffington Post)

7 ways Bloomberg changed the look of the city (New York Mag via Curbed)...

Wanna know the next mayor's real estate leanings? The candidates will debate the future of real estate on Monday. Tickets still available. (The Real Deal)

...and here's a peek into the candidates' first NYC apartments (NY Times)

5 things sellers should not do at an open house; First off, don't be there (Trulia)

Think reasonably priced apartments are impossible to find in Chelsea? Two new affordable rental buildings ($525 for a studio, $873 for a one bedroom?!) are accepting applications now. Move fast to . (DNA Info) ...

Before you move to a new neighborhood, you may want to  make sure the cell coverage is good (Curbed)

The Upper West Side's West End Avenue continues to be "steady and stable" (New York Times)


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