Room for Improvement

Room For Improvement: A mud room, an open kitchen and a roof with a view would be much appreciated

By Mayra David  | August 21, 2013 - 11:12AM

Mud rooms, guest rooms, and professionally designed  rooms. We asked five New Yorkers how they would improve their city abodes.

  • A room that can take getting dirty It would be great to have a “mud room.” I recently met neighbors who combined two apartments and they created a “mud room” by one of the entries. This means they have one “formal entry” and the other door enters into a tiled room where they have their laundry, plus space for bikes and strollers and a place to enter with dirty shoes.  - Pamela, Upper West Side
  • Split, opened up, and totally made-over kitchen I would  redo the kitchen and take a little portion of it to create a second bathroom. Then I’d redo all the cabinetry, get new appliances, and knock down the kitchen wall to have an open kitchen/ dining room. I hate not having any windows in the kitchen -- not just for light, but also so you can air it out! - Julie, Inwood
  • Roof with a view I wish they’d build a roof deck! We’d have a gorgeous view of the downtown skyline. And, I think it would add value to the co-op. -Meredith, Harlem
  • More rooms and better decor I’d want a third bedroom for out-of-town guests. Also, I’d hire a professional to paint and furnish the whole apartment. - Clemens, Financial District
  • A fireplace for when it cools down I want a working fireplace!! Fireplaces are such a gorgeous feature in a room. They’re natural focal points, and there’s nothing cozier during the winter.  And you can make s’mores while pretending to camp. - Stacey, Upper West Side

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