Popular doormen aren't necessarily the best, what to expect at a closing, and more

By Sara Alessi | July 29, 2013 - 8:58AM

Attention boards: Hiring the most popular person doesn’t mean he or she is the most qualified (Habitat Magazine)

Trash doesn't just stink, it makes your 'hood feel less safe (The Atlantic Cities)

Want to philander in peace? Consider buying a $15 million penthouse with a private elevator, then spend millions on soundproofing, like Google's chairman just did (NY Post)

The ins-and outs of closing a deal in NYC (NY Times)

Lower East Siders prepare for the next hurricane ... (The Villager)

... and a proposed bill headed to Congress would alter FEMA policy to benefit co-ops and condos (NY Times)

Here’s why oral contracts aren’t such a great idea (Habitat Magazine)

What's the difference between a McMansion and a McCondo? A full-time staff and a few million bucks, to begin with (NY Times)

Ever wonder how to care for a vertical garden (and who does it)? (New York Times)

Out with the new, in the with old -- 10 of the oldest NYC houses on the market (Curbed NY)

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