Banker attempts suicide leap from Fifth Ave co-op; sellers go back on their word; condo perfume & more

By Sara Alessi | July 22, 2013 - 8:55AM

Troubled investment banker attempts suicide leap from Fifth Avenue co-op, but 2nd floor awning may have saved his life (NY Post)

Surprise! With lots of high offers, sellers renege on their word and ask even higher prices (New York Times; previously)

Condo perfume latest attempt  to separate buyers from their money (The Real Deal)

Sure, brownstone stoops are pretty, but ever wonder why they’re there? Two words: horse manure (Gothamist)

How to renovate a lobby without starting a civil war (Habitat Magazine)

Manhattan apartments selling 38% faster than last year, and UWS is the tightest market overall (The Real Deal)

Anatomy of a fraud: Details on how property manager stole $1.5M  (Real Estate Weekly via The Real Deal)

Despite price jumps, condos and townhouses in Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights and Clinton Hill are selling fast, with all-cash buyers and bidding wars to boot (NY Post)

Meanwhile in Williamsburg, apartments are getting bigger and more expensive (NY Magazine)

Is landmarking stunting Manhattan's growth?  (NY1)

Attention Lord of the Rings fans: Orlando Bloom and his clan rent a townhouse on the UES (NY Post via The Real Deal)


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