Property tax exemptions for the 1 percent, public pools can increase property value and more

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Even billionaires love (and get) a good 421-a tax exemption (New York Times)

Apparently a pool is better than a stadium for increasing your property value (Crain's)

Ew! Fifth Avenue high-rise complex has rats with no fear of humans roaming the place (DNA Info)

Luxury Midtown condo sues IBM over $600k fire allegedly caused by overheated laptop (The Real Deal)

For those with no land lines, tips for getting better cellphone service at home (New York Times)

Co-op/condo owners who lost out on tax abatement say city falsely labeled them "non-primary residents"  (Habitat Mag)

Bloomberg administration continues its mission to make Downtown Staten Island hip. But will it work? (Wall Street Journal)

A "dream apartment" means something different to everyone... for many, it's not an apartment at all, but a brownstone (UrbanBaby)

Oops! In a divorce, the apartment sometimes goes to a fake spouse (Habitat Mag)

How to make a living room/office space more appealing to buyers (New York Times)

Before you set the date for that open house, invite a friend over to sniff your apartment (Malcolm Carter)

If you can deal with the long walk to the subway, East End Avenue is a relatively tranquil place to live (New York Times)



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