StreetNoise: What the reversal of DOMA means for NYC real estate, anatomy of a rental scam, and more

By Sara Alessi  | July 1, 2013 - 8:58AM

Before showing your apartment, make sure your exercise equipment is out of the way, or, just hide it (NY Times)

Here’s why (and how) your board should record  its  privacy rules -- before it’s too late (Habitat Magazine)

DOMA strike-down means same-sex New Yorkers will benefit while selling a home, estate planning and with tax exemptions (The Real Deal)

Keep your eyes peeled for rental the 40 renters who lost thousands each on a phony luxury Chelsea rental (The Observer; previously)

How to hire a part-time super (Habitat Mag)

Is student loan debt the next big threat to the real estate market? (The Real Deal)

Where to stash the relatives this summer: The cheapest room in NYC's most expensive hotels (CurbedNY)

Thinking of selling your half-Gowanus, half-Park Slope apt? Listing it in "Parkwanus" may not be the way to go just yet  (Brokelyn)

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