Room for Improvement

Room For Improvement: Bike and memento storage high on New Yorkers' wishlists this week

By Mayra David  | July 3, 2013 - 8:59AM

Bike storage, central A/C, and a roof deck. Six New Yorkers share some of their home improvement wishes.

  • Real bike storage We wish we didn't have our two bikes standing in the office. There was a lottery in the building for just one spot that costs $100 a month!! Of course, we didn't get it.  -Josh, Morningside
  • Cabinets as they were meant to be I had a great carpenter who started building all my cabinets in the kitchen. But one day he just left to go back to Estonia -- before he put doors on my cabinets! I haven't gotten around to finding another carpenter to finish my custom cabinets. It's been two years. I do get compliments on my "open storage" but it's so hard to keep clean and organized looking! - Martine, Upper East Side
  • Self-storage, self-help When I cleaned out my mother's house, there were so many personal treasures I just couldn't bear to throw out. So, I have them all in my apartment. I know all about de-cluttering and how we're supposed to do this for peace of mind, but it really is hard with so much sentimental value behind objects. I'm going to compromise and lease self-storage, but I need help organizing and packing. - Susan, Upper East Side
  • In-state laundry At the top of my list is laundry in the apartment. I still do my laundry in my parents' home in Bayonne, NJ!  Laundry and my parents are keeping me with one foot in Jersey! -Phillip, Midtown West
  • As the temperatures rise… I wish I had central A/C! Or a house by the beach in the Hamptons. Either one.  - Rob, Upper West Side
  • …and rise… I wish we had a roof deck where I could have a little kiddie pool and sand box for my son--and also for me! -Natalie, Morningside Heights

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